While you won’t find us on shelves just yet, the anticipation grows for the day when our unique creations will be cherished in select stores around the globe.

If you’re eager to see us in a store near you, reach out to us. We’re thrilled to connect with our global community.

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Dive into the world of and explore the possibility of featuring our unique creations in your space. Whether you’re a trendsetting store, an educational institution, or a community-driven social project, we’re open and excited to discuss collaboration opportunities.

For Retail Partners:
Elevate your store with the artistry of Iamlen. If you’re interested in showcasing our creations on your shelves, let’s embark on this journey together. Contact our team, and let’s explore the exciting realm of wholesale possibilities.

For Schools and Educational Institutions:
Inspire creativity and individuality in your educational space. Let be a canvas for expression. Reach out to discuss how our wearable art can become part of your institution’s unique story.

For Social Projects and Community Initiatives:
We believe in the power of art to create positive change. If you’re involved in a social project or community initiative and see potential in our creations, let’s collaborate for a meaningful impact. Connect with us to explore the possibilities.

Let’s Start a Conversation:
Engage with our team to turn your vision into a reality. We’re not just open to possibilities; we’re eager to make them happen. Contact us, and let’s begin the conversation that leads to meaningful partnerships and shared success.

Artworks by Lennard de Heer

Lennard de Heer is represented by Visit The Gallery. If you would like to get in tocuh of enquiring an artwork check the shop or get in touch with