2023 - Electrique Fantastique exhibition at Rotterdam Centraal

2023 - Thymsquare

2023 - Groot Atelier Weekend Rotterdam at The Space Coolhaven. with 2 other participating artists

2023 - Bob Ross workshop for kids at DÂK Rotterdam

2023 - Parking spot workshop for Rotterdam Rides

2023 - Street Mural Beijerlandselaan, Roseknoop project.

2022 – Elektrique Fantastique

2022 – Restaurant Pompoen, series of six canvasses, acrylic on canvas 50x70cm

2021 - Groot Atelier Weekend Rotterdam, Gordelweg - with 5 other participating artists

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In the ethereal tapestry of creatve energies, my artistry becomes a conduit for your dreams. We don’t just create; we co-create miracles that breathe life into your visions. Your project isn’t just a canvas; it’s a sacred space awaiting the touch of artistic transcendence.

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