An open letter to humanity:

An introspect by Lennard de Heer written on behalf of humanity. 

This is not about me but about us. Us as a civilisation, as a society, a planet as a whole. This project is beyond life. The idea is not mine, I am barely the messenger. The expression comes from within and the urge to free myself from that expression.

Nobody is perfect but if we all try to do our bests and not only work in our self interest, take a look around. Appreciate your surroundings. Enjoy nature, help each other, smile to people and help the ones in need. Small things do make an impact, but it has to start with you. Results always happen over time, you have to plant the seed before the flower grows, you have to water it before it can come to fruition. You have so much to offer, every person is unique and worthy of being loved. With this letter I plant a seed.

Momentarily, I think we are at the crossroads right now, overlapping our lives with a digital layer. A layer we could not foresee ten years ago. This layer will evolve and make the gap between the human species more broad and complicated as we move forward using technology. Ten years ago digital payments were incidental now the most of us shop online. Ten years ago we wrote letters, now we are conformed to have too small of an attention span to finish a couple sentences. If we follow this trend we can only see this going the opposite direction of what we want.

Technology is not the thing that is keeping us from our happiness and satisfaction, mostly the structures built around this. It would be hypocrite for me to say that using social media is not a positive influence on your mental health but you have to be aware of the possible manifestation of this medium.

However there are ways of positively influencing your future using more decentralised/peer-to-peer platforms which actually enable users organically to profit from it. Only this can be a sustainable way of operation for the coming industrial revolution. If we chase this goal this will be soon conform industrial standards.  This will turn a lot of power back into our own hands, but we have to do this for all the links that connect the chain. Life consists of ups and downs. And we all perceive things differently, we are not used to be kept in huge modern cages that we call city’s.

Start something that positively influences your surroundings, do stuff that make you truly happy and let others enjoy that. Be yourself, people will accept you for who you are and what you do, the sooner we start doing this the greater the results will be. Step outside your comfort zone, hang out with a person you look up to and soon great things will emerge. If something is truly important to you there will always be a way to achieve what you want.

In the end we are alone but for now we have to do it together. I got your back. We will leave this a better place than it was. One page is never enough to fully comprehend the concept of what were as a human are capable of. Our mind is the strongest thing, more potent than any drug.

Be aware of the impact you leave behind for generations to come

I am on a life’s mission to spread the love, and you?



This is version 1.0.4 of the open letter to humanity this will be updated throughout time to better fit the thoughts in my mind as I develop.

Disclaimer: I am in no way telling you how to live your life, I am just trying to inspire you with the ideas of my mind.